Magazine Layout 5

Magazine Layout 1 

Magazine Layout 2

Magazine Layout 3

Theses three magazine layouts will help give me inspiration into making my magazine. The design of each one of these layouts will help me find the right composition I’m looking for. Magazine layout 3 really stands out to me because of the use of  heavy thick brush strokes being used and also the contrast of black and white.


Magazine Blog 4


Color Palette 1

Color Palette 2

These two color palettes that will be used in my magazine concept ‘Unknown Demptions’. The first color palette gives off a sad/lonely tone.The second color palette will give an gloomy /grim  tone feel.

Magazine Blog: 3

Rolling Stone

Propaganda Magazine

The name of my fake magazine is Unknown Demptions. Unknown Demptions brings out the intensity of an alter ego you always wanted to be. In this magazine you’ll find interviews of both the person and their alter ego discussing what their lifestyle was before and how its changed after.

Blog 6: Magazine Layout

Who is J.r. Carden?

I chose the News Magazine.

  • HEADLINE: 50 Questions with J.r. Carden
  • DECK:  He/She has been called every name under the sun. We decided to find out who this so-called villain really is.
  • BYLINE: By Jarrett Carden

J.r. Carden is a persona/toon based off of me. J.r. is more of my other half I would rather want to be, because I can draw him into situations I could never get into. Going through many changes of how I saw myself this version describes me the best way possible.