ITC Willow Post 2

ITC Willow used in the title of ‘American Horror Story’

ITC Willow is designed by Tony Forster in 1990 and is published by the ITC (International Typeface Company) company.  The company itself was founded by advertising designer Aaron Burns and type designer Herb Lubalin, and Ed Rondthaler. The company has more than 1,000 original designs in its digital library, and releases more new 100 new typefaces each year.

ITC Willow


ITC Willow was designed by Tony Forster in 1990. The design of the ITC Willow typeface is the use of double crossbars on the uppercase A, H, and the O. For the O it has a unusual design  that has two dots in the center beneath the bowl that raises upon the baseline.



A drawing of a new character I made name Anastasia the cute little demon. I was listening to a song called Anastasia by Voltaire and I really like the name.

Anastasia by Voltaire-

(First Anastasia sketch)                              (Final Anastasia)


Voice for Nicky

Voice for Nicky

Looking for a voice actor or anyone who would like to do the voice for my character Nicky. Im doing an animation of him doing a trick with his eye.  If you want to audition for Nicky you can contact me here at The auditions will go on until the end of May. Also (just for the fun of it) the person that will be chosen for Nicky’s voice I will also draw them or their character. So can’t wait to hear the awesome voices people have for Nicky good luck ^^.  Also if you have a youtube channel, soundcloud, etc you can use them for the auditions too just leave a link to them in the comments and i’ll check them out.

Nicky’s despriction-